Best Garment Steamers for your Clothes

We all want to look our presentable best, especially in an official environment or a formal setting, and that these opportunities are seldom occasional. Be it an office or a job, we reflect what we are through our clothing choices.

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It thus becomes important to wear proper, creaseless clothes, that help you showcase your professionalism. On top of that, there are accidental spills, smell due to long storage, dust exposure, that further damage the clothes.

However, in the day to day hectic life, it becomes difficult to take out the time and energy to clean and iron your clothes after laundering. So, most of the people resort to handing over the tedious job to a third party. Those who do not, have to take out the time to do the cleaning and ironing, plus there is the fact that iron requires a board to work it on and most of the people do not have that much space where they live, to begin with. Extremely tedious, indeed.

But with the advent of garment steamers, this job has been simplified. They are easy to store and do not require much space, you just need a hanger where you can hang your clothes on for it to work and you are all set. The clothes steamer can quickly eradicate the wrinkles from garments and fabrics with high-temperature steam. They relax the fibres in the clothes rather than flatten (as in the case of iron), so they are gentler on the fabric and avoid scorching.

However, if you need plates on a garment, you will have to take out the ironing board because in this case, iron would be the better choice. Since the fabric steamers are lighter on the fabric, they are efficient to be used to remove wrinkles even on delicate materials like silk.
This convenient device is easy to use; you simply have to hang the garment you want to work on somewhere, fill the fabric steamer’s reservoir with water, it will only take a few minutes to heat up and then go over the garment with slow sweeping motion. It will require a small amount of time, and you will be ready with wrinkle-free, creaseless clothing.

The garment steamers in the market today are manufactured in multiple sizes according to the customer’s needs, but there are three main sizes
Commercial floor models: These clothes steamers are made for use in big manufacturing plants and dry cleaners where a lot of clothes, with a larger area, are needed to be processed.
Mid-size models: These fabric steamers are smaller in size and are perfect to be used for small businesses such as tailors or dressmakers.
Handheld mini models: These handheld garment steamers are typically best suited for household use or use while travelling.

With so many choices available in the market, which is the best-suited product for you? We have carefully crafted a list here to provide you with a small but efficient range of options that will help you procure the best clothes steamer for you.

1) Rowenta Master Valet IS6300

Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 Clothes Steamer Buy on Amazon

A high-end product hailing from the renowned company Rowenta, this clothes steamer (a.k.a the best clothes steamer) is everything that a customer can ask for, and then some more. Packed with powerful features that will make you fall in love with it from the first use, this behemoth of a device is certainly a dream come true. It is a product that shines the brightest among its competitors and wins all the awards, not just in the functioning, but in the looks department as well. It works perfectly for all the fabrics, from dresses and shirts to suit jackets and curtains. Let’s take a look this amazing steamer’s features –
A powerful 1550-watt full-size clothes steamer that comes with roll-and-press vertical support to hold the apparel in place while steaming.
A foot-operated on/off switch that allows ease of use and you won’t have to bend down again and again to reach it.
It comes with a built-in hanger and garment clips to help you hang the clothes, along with a hook to hang your own hanger.
The handle stays cool regardless of the temperature the machine reaches, a flexible fabric hose and a large steam head with wide, uniform diffusion.
An extra-large 81-ounce transparent water tank that makes it easier to decipher the water level and on a fully filled tank, this steamer can run continuously for one hour.
A telescopic pole of adjustable height that can be pushed down for easier, compact storage.
Tilt-and-roll maneuverability.
Comes with various accessories like the lint pad, fabric brush, and steam bonnet.
Fast to heat up and runs for a long time.
A versatile device with a diversified range of services; it can also be used for sanitizing, killing germs, reducing dust mites and removing odors from various fabrics.
Value for money, this product will run for years due to its high durability.
Best suited for large jobs where a good amount of fabrics are to be steamed.

It comes with a big price tag, not affordable for everyone.
The built products should have been made from a finer quality material.

2) Epica 850-watt

Epica 800-watt GarmentSteamer

The next product on our list is the handheld fabric steamer Epica 800-watt (acing all the best fabric steamer reviews). This cloth steamer is built specifically for smaller jobs. The simplicity and efficiency of this device are its biggest plus points. It is a mid-size model steamer, perfect to be used for a small number of apparels, and work perfectly, it does. Surely with its compact size and an affordable price, this is a suitable choice for many types of small scale uses – from tailors to householders. Taking a look at its features –
A compact and lightweight design.
Most handheld fabric steamers are of the plug and go quality, but it could prove to be cumbersome operating those. This steamer though, comes with an on/off switch for convenience.
Heats up in 2 minutes and allows 12 minutes of continuous use.
An easy fill tank of 7 oz. of capacity that you won’t have to disassemble, simply remove the cap.
Comes with various attachments like a fabric brush and lint remover.

Lightweight, compact design, and easy to use.
Comes at a highly affordable price.
No clumsiness experienced that is otherwise inevitable in a bigger size steamer.
Might leak and spill if not kept upright.
Too big to carry around while traveling.

3) Joy Mangano My Little Steamer – Ultra Mini

Joy Mangano My Little Steamer - Ultra Mini Fabric Steamer

A perfect travel size steamer (best travel clothes steamer), this equipment will definitely be your traveling companion for a long time. Coming at a highly affordable price, this 900-watt portable clothes steamer is perfect for a quick steaming, and it will easily remove any wrinkles. The innovative design with the streamlined body makes it easy to store, and the light weight allows you to carry it everywhere you go with ease. Taking a look at its features –
A triangle head allows a better method for steam to pass through in a controlled fashion.
Lightweight and portable.
It has an auto shut-off function when the temperature rises too much.
Power cord measures 96 inches (8 feet).
An on/off switch.
Transparent tank.
Ready to use within 30 seconds.
Special lightweight design specifically made for traveling.
Quality build materials give it a high endurance.
Highly affordable price.
Too small of a tank, needs to be filled at regular periods of time.
Might experience leaks if overturned or filled improperly.

4) Steamfast SF-407

Steamfast SF-407 Best Garment Steamer

Another great clothes steamer that is the best in features and price ratio. An all-rounder, this garment steamer is perfect for use in households and small scale businesses. If you want a product that is a total value for money and does not compromise with quality and features, this top rated fabric steamer would be a good choice. Competing neck to neck with its more expensive contemporaries, this home steamer comes with a plethora of coveted features –
1500-watt power, a powerful tool that is extremely enduring.
Needs just 45 seconds to heat up and provides up to 45 minutes of continuous use.
Comes with a telescopic pole, attachable fabric brush and a clothes hook.
A 40 oz of a removable water tank.
Easy to move around while using it.
Perfect if you want all the major good features along with an affordable price and value for your money.
Heats up fast and lasts longer during continuous use.
Some complaints about durability after a use of two-three years.

5) Jiffy Steamer J-2000

Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Steamer

If you want a laundry steamer that is the best in durability, this is the product for you. Encompassing a strong built design that makes it highly endurable, this home clothes steamer comes at a reasonable price and assuredly will work perfectly for you for years. Taking a look at its features –
A 1300 watt efficient brass element.
High-quality plastic cover that lends it a great amount of durability.
Heats up in two minutes.
Can produce steam continuously for up to 1.5 hours after a full tank.
5.5-foot steam hose with a 6-inch steam head (makes it a best curtain steamer, without any fuss).
96-ounce reservoir tank.
Pros –
Best in endurance and durability.
Respectable features according to the price.
Automatic safety feature that switches it off as soon as the tank is dry and prevents overheating.
A limited feature set.

6) Sunbeam S1500

Sunbeam S1500 Clothes Steamer

Another great product, this stand up steamer which comes with some respectable yet powerful features that are enough to help it make a niche for itself among its competitors. If you are not looking for a brand name but good performance, this one is the best. Considering its features –
Forty-five seconds heat up time.
Provides up to an hour of continuous use on a full tank.
1500 watts of power with automatic shut off function.
A patent Cool-touch hose and anti-drip t-nozzle with a drain plug for efficient draining.
Features convenient roll casters for an easy mobility and storage.
A telescoping pole along with a special fabric brush and detachable hanger.
Available at an affordable price that is more than reasonable enough for its features.
Highly durable and easy to move around.
Somewhat flimsy to work with.

7) Deneve Portable Garment Steamer

Deneve Best Portable Garment Steamer

This is the best-suited portable clothes steamer to carry along with you while traveling. Most of the hotel rooms provide an iron, or you can use their laundry service, but a traveling fabric steamer is an inexpensive choice for you that will also prove to be a reassurance that you will not have to rely on the other services. Let’s take a look at its features.
At nearly 1000 watts, one of the most powerful handheld steamer of its variety and size
Nine set steam holes on the nozzle for a strong, consistent flow of steam.
A newly designed tank that is of a more safe design to minimize hot water dangers.
Easy to use and lightweight, very easy to carry due to its compact size.
9-foot long power cord.
A comparatively large tank of 7 ounces holding capacity.
Heats up in about 2 minutes and gives a continuous supply of steam for up to 10 minutes.
Intelligent body design prevents spilling.
Automatic shut-off system for added safety.
A convenient on/off switch.
Comes with other free attachments such as a removable fabric brush.
Easy to use features and high portability makes it ideal for travelers.
Highly affordable price.
Packed with features according to its class and size.
The nine set steam holes should have been a larger set.
Not ideal for household use.

8) Rowenta X Cel Steam

Rowenta X Cel Steam Clothes Steamer

Another great product hailing from the trustworthy Rowenta, this handheld fabric steamer is giving a tough competition to its contemporaries in every aspect. A sleek design that ensures easy handling and a price that is highly affordable, this vertical fabric steamer is powerful to remove any wrinkles on your garments in no time. Its features include –
1500 watts of highly coveted power rating.
A micro metal steam head that ensures a consistent distribution of steam.
Heats up in about 45 seconds.
Detachable water tank.
Produces a regular supply of up to 10 minutes with a fully filled tank.
A unique user-friendly design that allows it to have a safer base and it can be hung on a chair because of the convenient hanger.
Comes with various accessories – fabric brush, lint pad and steam bonnet.
Built-in automatic shut down.

Pros –
Highly affordable price, packed with a lot of powerful features.
It is as efficient as any other big steamer but comes in a compact design.
A tiny water tank that does not hold much water at a time.
Relatively expensive compared to the other models in its class.

9) Conair Fabric Steamer Ultimate (GS28)

Conair Fabric Steamer Ultimate (GS28) Fabric Steamer

The next product on our list is the Conair Fabric Steamer Ultimate that is an easy to use the appliance and comes with an affordable price when compared to it contemporaries . Working as good as a high-class Rowenta product, this dress steamer could be one of the best home steamers that are value for your money. The absence of some features might be a letdown but it is an efficient appliance that will work just fine for small scale needs. Taking a look at its features –
A power rating of 1500 watt.
Heats up quickly in 45 minutes.
Works continuously for 90 minutes with a full tank.
Comes with a T-nozzle that ensures equitable distribution of steam.
Includes a telescopic pole and a versatile clothes hanger.
Capable of killing dust mites and bed bugs.
A foot-operated on/off switch.
Pros –
Respectable powerful features according to the price.
Easy to use and allows easy mobility.
Cons –
The cord that comes along with the product is very short in length.

10) PureSteam portable fabric steamer

PureSteam portable fabric steamer

One of the best products in the easily portable for traveling category, this portable fabric steamer comes with an extremely compact, streamlined body that is easy to carry around and its easy to use features makes it a great deal for your money. Taking a look at its features –
Heat up time of 2 minutes.
It can run for a continuous period of 10 minutes with a full tank.
Automatic shut off features to prevent a fire hazard.
Elongated nozzle design ensures easy and consistent distribution of steam.
A convenient on/off switch.
Easy to use, powerful features.
Extremely easy to carry around while traveling.
Cons –
It is rather flimsy and might leak.

While the list as mentioned above included more segmented choices of clothes steamers, the following list has a comprehensive context of more powerful garment steamers.

1) Rowenta DG8520

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Garment Steamer

Topping the list again, a Rowenta product that is the best of its class. It is a hybrid of a regular iron and a conventional fabric steamer. This is a behemoth of a device that can turn every wrinkle to smoothness, hassle-free. Perfect for a large amount of works and highly durable, this steamer is easy on the eyes as well and will certainly stay with you for a long period of time. Taking a look at its features –
1800 watt, extremely efficient power rating.
It has a micro steam stainless steel soleplate with 400 holes that ensures proper functioning with no scorching.
Powerful 5 bars that provide the ideal pressure for removing creases.
Extra-large, detachable 47 oz transparent tank.
Comes with an on/off switch.
The cloth steamer can work continuously for 1.5 hours with a full tank.
The Eco Setting mechanism saves up to 20% of total energy.
A precision shot system of controlled steam production.
Pros –
A powerful clothes steamer, doubling up as iron to give you the best experience.
Packed with powerful features and extremely energy efficient.
You can use it with/without an ironing board, for perfect, sharp, crease-less plates.
Cons –
Very expensive, not affordable to everyone.

2) PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer

PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer

Extremely efficient and portable, this heavy-duty clothes steamer could be the one thing that makes you give up ironing once and for all. Meant for a large scale job, this garment steamer can also be used in households because of its high efficiency and safety features. Let’s take a look at its features –
Highly versatile garment steamer can handle delicate as well as heavy fibers.
Produces steam of about 248o F, that penetrates deeply into the fabric.
A large tank of 61 oz capacity.
Heats up in just 45 – 60 seconds.
It can work continuously for an hour with a full tank.
Its cast aluminum heating element provides it durability like no other in its competition, and it comes with a full 5-year warranty.
Comes with an ironing board cover that works okay with most of the equipment.
Pros –
Heavy duty clothes steamer that will do the job without any hiccups.
High endurance quality.
Easy to use and store.
Highly affordable price, value for money according to the features.
Cons –
Might take longer to steam materials like cotton.
The flow of steam might not be consistent.

3) Shark Press and Refresh (GS500)

Shark Press and Refresh (GS500) Steamer

Another great garment steamer, this time from the handheld category, Shark Press and Refresh GS500 is one product that can easily make you fall in love with it. This is the first ever garment steamer that along with efficiently producing powerful steam, comes with a vertical steaming board. Named by the company as the “Wrinkle Eraser” feature, this steamer is ideal for use in all kinds of hard and delicate fabrics. Let’s take a look at its features –
Vertical Press Pad that creates a vertical ironing board anywhere.
The highly coveted patented Wrinkle Eraser.
Produces high power steam for a handheld garment steamer.
A 1580 watt power rating.
The 15 ft long cord allows easy mobility.
Large capacity 6.5 oz tank.
Takes up only about a minute to heat up.
Can work continuously for 15 minutes with a full tank.
Comes with included accessories like the vertical iron pad and much more.
Pros –
Unlike the usual handheld garment steamers that only use steam to ease out the wrinkles, this steamer uses pressure along with the steam for a better result.
Vertical press pad that
comes with heat protection for your doors, makes it highly convenient.
Compact size makes storage easier.
Leak proof.
Cons –
Does not have a safety auto shut off mechanism.
Can be somewhat heavy.
Non-retractable cord.

4) SINGER SteamWorks Pro

SINGER SteamWorks Pro Garment Steamer

A professional garment steamer that is perfect for small scale commercial and household use, this product can easily rival its more expensive and well-known adversaries. Workable as easily on a delicate fabric material as on a hard one, this steamer could be the best addition to your laundry appliances. Looking at some of its features –
A powerful 1500 watt output power rating.
Heats up quickly and is ready to use in just 45 seconds.
Provides a continuous, steady supply of steam for 90 minutes with a full tank.
Premium quality fabric hose provides heat protection.
An easy to fill, 2.5 liters removable reservoir tank.
Smart auto switch off that provides fire hazard safety.
Telescopic pole adjusts the fabric steamer height to the user’s preference.
Encompasses a 360o rotating, easy folding hanger system.
Pros –
Easy to use, highly versatile.
Readily removes wrinkles and germs with quick heat up and longer workability.
Cons –
Not a leak-proof

5) PureSteam Duo Iron & Pressurized Clothes Steamer

PureSteam Duo Iron & Pressurized Clothes Steamer

If you want to simply buy an appliance that easily does the job of both a good quality iron and a high-end professional garment steamer, this hybrid device is the best for you. PureSteam offers up both the advantages of the features of these two devices and comes at a very reasonable price. Its features include –
You can easily hang your clothes or simply use the iron board according to your need.
A large tank of 1-litre capacity.
Heats up quickly in about 3 minutes.
Allows continuous use of 30 minutes with a full tank.
Encompasses a one-touch steam button that controls the steam for easy and efficient use.
It also comes with a burn prevention safety cap which does not allow the water tank to be opened if there is hot water or steam inside.
A 6-foot long cord.
Pros –
Very versatile and high enduring appliance.
Compact design allows easy storage.
Offers way more features than expected at its price.
Cons –
The height of the ironing board could pose a hindrance for tall people.

6) Kazoo Professional Garment Steamer

Kazoo Professional Garment Steamer

Another great heavy duty product that ensures that the wrinkles and creases are efficiently removed from the garments. Hours of ironing and steaming jobs can now be completed in just a few minutes. This steamer comes at an affordable price and is a great value for your money. Its features include –
This device encompasses a stainless steel, rust proof ironing brush that has a smooth surface all throughout.
208o F high-temperature steam that easily removes wrinkles and germs.
It comes with 6 different steam settings for all kinds of fabrics.
Multipurpose coatrack that allows the customer to steam 10 clothes simultaneously, thus saving time.
54 oz transparent removable water reservoir.
Heats up in 45 seconds.
It can work continuously for up to 40 minutes with a full tank.
Foot operated on/off switch.
Retractable 4 feet cord.
Automatic switch off feature.
Pros –
High-quality materials used give it a high endurance.
Compact design.
Powerful settings and features.
Value for money.
Water tank might leak.
The hose is small in covering area.

7) SALAV GS45-DJ Professional Series Dual Bar Clothes Steamer 

SALAV GS45-DJ Professional Series Dual Bar Clothes Steamer 

A semi-professional fabric steamer that will be a great help to you in your household, this clothes steamer with its powerful features will ensure that no garment is left creaseless. A modern and compact design, this garment steamer comes with foot pedals that allow ease of mobility. Its features include –
1500 watt power.
Requires only about 45 seconds to heat up.
This steamer can run up to 60 minutes with a full tank.
60 oz capacity translucent water tank.
4.5 ft hose length.
The base comes with fitted wheels that allow easy mobility across any surface.
Exceptional, consistent steam output.
Pros –
Comes with highly coveted accessories.
Power control ensures controlled output for various kinds of fabrics.
Elegantly designed sleek features.
Convenient price.
Cons –
The power cord is somewhat short in length.
Might not work well for silk.

8) Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment Steamer 

Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment Steamer 

Another great product coming from Rowenta, this fabric steamer might have fewer features than its contemporaries, but it is a classic younger sibling of the IS6300 and certainly no less in performance. If you want a high-end quality clothes steamer that can steam a large amount of clothes in less time, you have found the right product. Trustworthy quality at a highly affordable price, this will surely prove to be an exceptional addition to your laundry appliances. Considering its features –
1500 watt power.
Takes up about 1 minute to heat up.
This steamer can work continuously for up to an hour with a full tank.
An 81 oz capacity translucent tank.
5 feet hose length.
Comes with a built-in hanger and clips.
Soft touch handle.
Foot operated on/off switch.
Heats up fast and works quietly.
Made of good quality materials, highly endurable.
Easy to assemble and use.
Compact design, easy to move around.
Steamer head can get hot.
The hanger does not spin around.
Short in height built.

9) Kazoo Compact Handheld Fabric Steamer

Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 Clother Steamer

Another product from Kazoo, this a travel class handheld fabric steamer that is a value for money. Easy to use and highly portable, this portable fabric steamer is perfect for use while travelling or for small household purposes. Let’s take a look at its highly coveted features at this highly affordable price-
300-watt power.
Takes up about 2-3 minutes to heat up.
It can work non-stop for 10 minutes on a full tank.
A 5 oz capacity water tank.
Featuring a cord length of 6.2 ft.
Has an on/off switch.
Spill-proof design.
The ceramic heating element does not let the appliance to overheat.
Highly affordable price, value for money,
Good quality materials ensuring durability.
Compact design, easy to carry while travelling.
Cons –
The power cord is short in length.
It does not feature a steam release button.

10) Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet Commercial steamer

Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet Commercial steamer

Talking about a commercial fabric steamer, this appliance is certainly among the top choices available. Encompassing the highly trusted Rowenta quality, this is a high precision appliance that is built to do more work in lesser time. Lets take a look at its features –
It requires only 60 seconds to heat up.
Offers an efficient steam output with a good control system to manage different fabrics.
A telescopic pole that has an adjustable height to facilitate easy storage.
Foot-operated on/off switch.
Retractable cord.
Comes with multiple accessories like fabric, upholstery and lint brushes and crease clips.
Detachable, translucent 1-gallon water tank.
With a full tank, this appliance can generate steam for up to 2-1/2 hours.
Auto switch off safety feature.
Soft, cool-touch handles.
Pros –
Highly endurable, high-quality product.
Powerful features make it ideal for large-scale works.
Among the best products available in its class.
Cons –
Not suitable for generic use.
Not leak-proof.

Final Words For Clothes Steamers

With this, we complete our list for the top 10 Best Garment Steamers. This is a highly intuitive, comprehensive list crafted while keeping in mind the economical resources and basic requirements of the consumer. Choosing the correct appliance could prove to be a tough task due to all the numerous choices available in the market. While a garment steamer can not fully replace an iron, it certainly is a better alternative to quickly get creaseless clothes with very less effort. Furthermore, as mentioned above, there are some home steamers available in the market that provide the functions of both of these devices. The choice is obviously up to you. The lists as mentioned above will surely help you find the fabric steamer that is best suited for you, but meanwhile, there are certain things that you should be aware of while choosing a garment steamer for yourself –

The more power the garment steamer incorporates, the more steam it generates and thus, does more work.
A tank with a larger capacity works for a longer period without a need to refill.
Noting the heat up time a fabric steamer requires is also important because that will depend if you can save up that time or not.
You should readily decide the size of the garment steamer that you require and then proceed with the options.
The customer should check the water requirements too; not every model runs on tap water.
Choose the model that is best suited for our needs and funds, do not go for an overkill.

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